Field Fastener Achieves Goal of $100 Million in Annual Sales and Takes Company Trip To Cancun

December 10, 2021

On December 18th 2019, Field Fastener announced that they has achieved their goal of reaching $100 Million in annual sales. This accomplishment was a huge validation to the commitment to serving their customers and utilizing their culture as a competitive advantage over the past 29 years! 

“When the company went to Vegas in 2010 to celebrate our 20 year anniversary, I boldly predicted we would continue to grow at about 19% per year and, as a result, would be a $100 million company in 8-10 years,” said Field Chairman Bill Derry. “I believed it then, others started believing as we grew, and we all believe it now!”

Bill and Jim Derry, brothers and owners of Field Fastener, purchased the business from Dick Field in 1990. The value proposition was clear from the beginning - be the best in the industry at reducing costs from a technical approach to fastening and provide world class VMI programs that always ensure part availability while continuously improving processes.  Fast forward 31 years later, and this is still an approach that Field Fastener prides themselves on. 

 “The past 31 years has been an amazing journey as an organization,” said President Jim Derry. “The Field Team has done an incredible job embracing our culture and living out what we stand for.  Our Team is committed to doing whatever it takes to support our customers and each other.  This creates an extremely positive environment that people thrive in.  One of the highlights of the past 31 years is that so many Team Members have developed personally, professionally, and taken on much greater levels of responsibility.  The positive and upbeat attitudes in our facilities are contagious. The best part of all of this is that our BEST days are yet to come, we’re just getting warmed up!”

Field Fastener has put a large focus on culture and investing in their team. With core values like integrity, commitment, teamwork, innovation, flexibility, and fun, Field Fastener has really put their mission statement to work, which is “To have everyone who interacts with us, LOVE US!”

 As a thank you for all the hard work, Bill and Jim sent the entire company on a trip to Cancun, Mexico. The trip was originally scheduled for May of 2020, but due to Covid-19, it got postponed twice. 

The Field Team finally got to take the highly anticipated trip.  In November 2021, the entire Field Team and a guest spent 4 days and 3 nights in Cancun, Mexico celebrating this huge accomplishment! 

Field would like to thank all of their customers, suppliers, and the Field family, who have all played a huge role in achieving this milestone! Field can’t wait to see what is in store for them in the future! 



About Field Fastener: 

Field Fastener is an innovative, full service, technically oriented, global provider of inventory management and complete supply chain solutions for fasteners and other Class "C" items. They are the best in the industry at providing ongoing cost reduction through both engineering support services and inventory management systems. Field serves over 1,500 customers worldwide and has locations in Rockford, IL; Tyler, TX; Florence, SC; as well as locations in Taiwan and several in Mexico. To learn more about Field Fastener, please call 843-968-3884 or visit them online at

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